What is it? Answers LXVII

Friday, June 03, 2005

363. The device that I had in mind for the two prisms was a pseudoscope, I made a separate page with more info on it here.

364. Tire gauge

365. 3-string capo for reorienting the string configuration on a guitar, made by Shubb

366. Corkscrew

367. Pulse monitor, worn on a finger

368. Saw blade

Description of what it was made for:
"This is a saw for a depth controlled cut of plastic, specifically for
cutting open a "wall wart" without damaging the transformer inside. I needed
to resolder the output wires after they broke at the edge of the box. I put
this in the chuck of a drill press, turned it on, then moved the transformer
box around to cut it open along the existing seam."

369. A nutcracker, patent number 9985.

With handle fully depressed


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